Warrior Goes Free:  That’s what we call this majestic take of the Os Beaches classic Warrior & The Thief.  A longtime staple of  TVS shows, the number usually occurs in the final third of the 2nd set but on this night the song closed a particularly searching opening set. There is a moment of trepidation coming into the jam out of the final verse. We start going in different directions, threatening to disintegrate. Then, something other worldly happens. It starts with the Sensei Save (Sensei Mihaly taking the lead position from behind the drums) and culminates in a free/spirit jazz exploration that may be my favorite moment on stage as a musician. This jam felt good!

Sensei Mihaly: Drums/Vox

Big Joe Lewis: Bass

Matthew Szemela: Violin

Trans Van Santos: Guitar/Vox

Jason Ceremony: Lead Guitar

Taylor Splift: Congas