Talk Rock Roll Walk is a video series that centers around conversations about rock & roll, social media, the co-opting of the counter culture, reality hunger, redefining the “album”, process and limitation, new media, impermanence and an artists relationship with technology. In episode #1 Michael Fortes of PopDose.com sits down for a lively conversation with Bay Area psych-folk outsider Mark Matos. Featuring a soundtrack culled from the recently re-issued lost album, Sonny Santos’ Imagine, Star Nation and shot in Black & White by Basil Glew-Galloway; the enigmatic, notoriously reclusive, occasionally brilliant (if relentlessly quirky), easily distracted, enormously talented, hard drinking Bay Area Camera Jockey. The production is in development and looking for funding, angels with vision and gold. We received this rough cut of the trailer from Studio Three Palms in Oakland, CA. We will send you reports as they develop.