I want to ride the cyber highway like Woody Guthrie rode the rails, to explore the reaches of cyber space like a cosmonaut, to build a cantina on the moon. Technology can be a psychedelic, Buddhist, punk rock trip. The DIY dreams that fueled my early rock & roll apprenticeship are now super-realities. The home recordings, home movies, pirate radio station, bootlegs, ‘zine, tape label and artwork are all now neatly contained within this digital space palace I am calling the New Weird West. Magically distributed through this wild Internet of ours directly to your device of choice.

When I was growing up there were albums and films that we would listen to and watch while stoned. Art and mediums that were appropriate to visit in those altered and lifted states. The good stuff, the mad and the weird stuff. Vision contained on a vinyl disc or VHS tape. What exactly is an album? What does that even mean anymore? What is a  website? What is a vinyl disc? It depends what you put on it, what you are recording, what you say and how you say it. Art is process and limitation. You make it (process) and you contain it within a medium, you frame it (limitation.)

I am not sure what to do with the frame of a vinyl disc anymore. How to create great art, a classic album, with it’s limitation.  I want to work with this website as medium. To create art within its frame. Not as secondary to albums and physical media forays, but as the primary time bending medium of my artistic expressions and as my office, so to speak. The doors always open.

Love in the Time of Digital Device