Rock/Art/Rock: New Work for Dead Meadow, Low Hums, Old Mexico…

These are a few of the recent pieces from the New Weird West’s Department of Rock Art. The Low Hums, led by former Josh Tillman bassist Sanoj Sniksah, are putting out a new record on Seattle’s Blind Blind Tiger Tape/Digital imprint. The album is called called Shine Rock and we will feature it here later this month. Sanoj asked NWW to do a poster for the Seattle Tape Release Party and we came up with a design featuring Sanoj holding a cassette and a spliff with the lower copy featured in the smoke billowing from the spliff.

Old Mexico is a new group co-led by Dead Meadow’s Jason Simon and Os Beaches’ Trans Van Santos. The group, rumored to include pedal steel wunderkind Catfish Gallagher along with members of such disparate groups as The Warlocks and The Blank Tapes, is set to enter the studio in early 2017 to record their debut effort. We made this “post card” inspired piece in honor of the birth of this new and intriguing project.

This Dead Meadow “Take The Ride…” piece is inspired by the Grateful Dead’s Europe ’72 album art. Long one of the West Coast’s most compelling psychedelic acts, Dead Meadow is worthy and easy band for our Department of Rock Art to design ideas around. We love Dead Meadow. The cartoonishly large thumb is a nod to Tom Robbins. We hope you dig it.

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