No left/right paradigm. No smashing the old temples but raiding the secret chambers for usable booty. Evolution not Revolution. Lets say (r)Evolution. A revolution is a circle coming back around to the same place. An evolution never looks back. Operation Mind Fuck is (a)live. We are fueling the fire with Golden Apples. Ocean of Chaos means look for the good waves. Means learn to surf. Means life as Endless Summer. Ocean of Chaos means get used to the water. Means let go to the Chaos, see the Design inside, and ride the Chaos. Design your own maps, rituals, ceremonies, recipes, religions, languages. Design Your Own Life. Be your Own Style. Invent word combinations and infuse them with meaning. Be a Me/me in the Culture Stream and rock in the shoe of the Mainstream. No when to say Know. We are gamblers wandering the casino floor of the Circus Circus of the Cosmos.

-TVS (11/24/2018)