More Neon Visions and Third Way Brain Games from Trans Van Santos….

We have to tell a better story. Draw people to the fire, draw people into the narrative. Art/iculate The Vision. Articulation begins with Art. Hack language, re-organize the alphabet, fuse mismatched metaphors, find a Way To Say that transcends the mouth noises and rises to true meaning. Bring Novelty into the linguistic enterprise. Say things in your own way, radically so, and you will be amazed at how much closer this gets you to something approximating truth and spirit communication. Speak in your personal poetry and it will form a secret language that your Spirit Family and Universal Familiars will understand and all others will be repelled by, in fear of and confused by. It will be a sonic secret handshake. If you understand what the hell I am talking about than you are through the front gate, if not then take 5 grams of the Sacred Children and come back in a few days, your ears may hear things they had not been listening for before the Space Kids came to speak sweetly into your ear/soul.

If the world is made of language, made up of description, than the world changes depending on how we describe it. We are here to Describe the World that We Live in. We are the pioneers writing letters describing the landscape for future settlers. It is an old truism of the West that, “Pioneers get the arrows and Settlers get the land.” We accept the slings and arrows of the Mainstream Machines. We walk out ahead and clear the trail. We learn a new language. We become the Go Between, The Interpreters at the Future Summit, the Notaries of Tomorrows Cosmic Treaty, the House Band at the Annual Open Source Rendezvous of Radical Individuals in Free Association with Each-Other and Mother Chaos.

Imagination is the Space Wagon with which we navigate the Mystery Plains of the Human Situation, which has to do with Relationships. Our Relationships to everything. We are in Relationship to everything and everyone around us, to ideas and paradigms. We are working on being better at Relationships. Microcosmic to Macrocosmic and back again. Question your Relationships. Feel the fear. Know it and let it move through you. Breathe the good breath when you feel it pass away into Easy Understanding and Forward Escape. Something grows when it is nourished. Nourish your relationships to your art, tribe, band, brothers, sisters, ideas, guitar, lovers, community, to yourself and the multitudes contained inside you. Open the portal to Higher Communication. Sing a Collage, Kaleidoscopic, into Meaning. Make an Effort to learn the personal language of your inner dimensions and then Translate it, Transform it, upload it for the rest of us. For the Tribe at Large. We are Open Sourcing the building blocks of the Future Language. Co-creating a Radical Hyper-Reality. We are the Be Here Wow reGeneration. Pied Pipers at the Gates of the Golden Dawn.