On TVS2, Trans Van Santos gathers his tribe of musicians in Joshua Tree, California. The strange, open landscape of the Mojave Desert seems to have provided the perfect setting for the album’s post-apocalyptic narrative, which tells the story of a world in transition and a small band of American misfits attempting to navigate the changes, both exterior and interior, while articulating a vision of the future. Musically, the album draws inspiration from Caetano Veloso’s 1969-1972 period (with several songs containing Portuguese lyrics), Leonard Cohen, the films of David Lynch, and Mutations era Beck. The album features guest appearances by Dead Meadow’s Jason Simon, former Patti Smith guitarist Oliver Ray and was mixed by Dr. Dog producer Nathan Sabatino.


Trans Van Santos – TVS2

This world’s been strained. Spinning strange. We are just getting used to it. Navigating by stars and satellite. Chaos and the Cosmos. Big Wave rider. Live a Cosmic life, a life of Consequence. Ritual Visualizer: Your leaves will fall like mirrors from your Tree. Be a Neon Tree, shape-shift the Apocalypse. If you want to be big someday, be big today. The (R)Evolution wants U. Be huge. Reboot. You are never gonna catch the last rainbow. Be in for the end. Be in for new beginnings. It’s a New Spin. Let it all out.  -TVS

Side A:
African Heart
The New Spin
Birds of Re/Vision
Força Cosmìca
Lion In The Moonlight

Side B:
Big Today
Transition Medicine
Lion In The Moonlight (Re/Vision)

The players:
TVS: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, arrangements
Matt Adams: Guitars, Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Percussion, arrangements
Jason Simon: Guitars
Annie Girl: Vocals
Brian Green: Bass
Oliver Ray: Guitars
Gabriel Mintz: Vocals
Tony the Pot Dealer: Congas

Produced by: Mark Matos & Matt Adams at Arroyo Seco Studio in Yucca Valley, CA
Additional recordings in Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA

All songs by Mark Matos

Mixed by Nathan Sabatino at Hi Dez Recordings in Joshua Tree, CA

Mastered by Paul Oldham

Album art and design by Dameon Waggoner

A Very Special thank you to these fine freak believers without whose financial and spiritual support this album would not have been made:
Max Johnson, Eddie & Maddy & Emma Rose, Keith Dunn, Captain Crunk, Paulo & Isabel Matos, Keli Carpenter, Debbie & Helder Rocha, Tim Oh Daniels, Greg Rocha, Gil Da Gente, Basil Galloway, Joey Cabral, Willie Mandela & Tree Mello & Nigel Blu.

Love & Gratitude to: Matt Adams, Jason Simon & Nathan Sabatino for riding with me the whole way on this thing. Annie Girl and Gabe for the final ‘mystics in the wind’ vocal touches that tied the album together. Brian and Oliver for the desert drive and Tucson sky and dust. Tekeli-Li Records for the support and platform. Dameon Waggoner for the album design and friendship. Joshua Tree in all her Other Side of the Moon wonder. Bryan Darling. Everyone who put me on their couch, took me in over this last year plus, showed me love and kindness. Sonny & Fryday for the romance. Matthew Welde, Warrior to my Medicine Man. DJ Deakins for the spins. Jessica for crying to Lion in the Moonlight and sharing her space. Sarah Harris for the Save. Seaweed Sway. Amnesia Music Hall. All Cosmic peoples of the Earth. Fellow travelers on the Weird Road and electric humans of the Neon Temple of the Third Way.