Sonny Santos re-emerges with new set of songs on A Work in Progress

The ever elusive Sonny Santos has delivered a new set of songs to the offices of the New Weird West. The set is titled, A Work in Progress, and traffics in pastoral folk rock. The songs were recorded in Tucson, Arizona and Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, California. The set of songs were home recorded by Catfish Gallagher, Glenn Brigman, the Baby Gas Mask crew and Sonny Santos, respectively. Other than Sonny, musical contributions come from Catfish Gallagher, Glenn Brigman, Casey Golden, Naim Amor and Anna Jo Phipps. Sonny isn’t breaking any new ground here, but the quality of the songs are unusually high, even by Sonny’s standards. He seems content to play with classic forms, to add his silly little love songs to the vast canvass of those who came before. We hope you enjoy the album as much as we are.