Film & Soundtracks

Film and Music. Two mediums married, bound by mutual love and narrative. Sound and vision. The music of Mark Matos has often been described in cinematic terms, with references to Wim Wenders, David Lynch and Ennio Morricone cited as touchstones by music and film journalists. Fittingly, his compositions have been used to score the work of award winning filmmakers Rita Piffer and Bryan Darling, Acadamy Award nominee James Franco and best selling writers David Shields and Sam Shepherd.

Following in the footsteps of one of his heroes, titan of California music Ry Cooder, MM is venturing further into film and music collaborations as he settles into his “middle period”. He has also been dabbling behind the camera; filming a pilot for a web series and directing a music video. Check out some of his collaborations below and feel free to reach out if you have something you feel will marry well to his music.

Paulo Pereira


James Franco’s I Think You Are Totally Wrong: A Quarrel 



Trailer below for a proposed series that MM is working on. It’s called Talk Rock Roll Walk, check it out…

MM directed music video (below) for Trans Van Santos’ The Flight from the album Moon Mirage

“The Flight” by Trans Van Santos from Royal Oakie on Vimeo.


A video collaboration with Pictograifica Films. One song, one camera, one day. MM had just written this song the day before and recorded it at Radical Sound with the famed producer Chill Spector. The song has never been released in any other form, never appearing on an album, as a single and has never been performed live… check it out below.

Mark Matos – The Gates are Golden from Pictografica Films on Vimeo.